The story of the YB brand, and co-founder Patrick Martin’s personal story, share a narrative that is not unfamiliar to many that have strived for excellence in the face of difficult circumstances. Believe in your principles, work towards what you want to achieve, and be relentless in overcoming the obstacles in your way.

When he was seven years old, his mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The family was plunged into poverty, and for two years, they had to live in a garage.

That’s when his entrepreneurial spirit was born. Patrick knew that perseverance and overcoming adversity were non-negotiable; drive, ambition, and faith, mandatory. 

After foregoing a football scholarship to a liberal arts college, Patrick finished a degree in accounting and went to work for a Big Six CPA firm; he then became a real estate broker. Soon thereafter, he co-founded the YB brand, short for Youngblood, slang for youth.

The brand scored a big deal with  Macy’s - one of the first black-owned watch companies in the retail giant -  and poised for success. However, the YB trademark was unlawfully stolen by a larger, well-known watch brand. 

It was David vs Goliath: The big, commercial company versus the small, ambitious business. After a yearlong legal battle, Patrick and YB won. Not just because the law was on their side, they also won because Patrick refused to give in. Mentally he never left the garage; he never stopped being that kid who persevered.

Patrick is now an MBA, CPA, licensed broker, and seasoned entrepreneur. He wants to share his story and inspire others with YB by creating and selling designer accessories and apparel affordable to all.

Grit. Perseverance. Overcoming obstacles. Faith. We all need these qualities to live our best lives. YB anyone else?


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