Definition YOungBlood

  • 1. visionary & entrepreneurial.
  • 2. overcomes adversity by any means necessary; the unrelenting drive to win against all odds.

Youngblood Worldwide Founded in 2005

Born from the belief that unbridled passion and determination can bring even the most impossible goals well within reach.

YB’s co-founder, Patrick Martin, had an early vision for a brand that could offer stunning watches and performance-driven products for those with endless entrepreneurial spirit. Patrick believed that with unrelenting attention-to-detail and tireless drive, both the Youngblood brand and those who wore it, were capable of anything.

Today, the ethos of overcoming adversity is built directly into the foundation of the company itself. Even when Patrick’s family faced total uncertainty, with his mother becoming ill and their financial resources dwindling, he knew that his dream was still possible, even if there were moments that it felt out of reach.

Patrick’s drive has only grown in size and force from those humble beginnings. Patrick knew that if he worked harder, and his product offered superior feel and performance, victory wasn’t just possible, it was probable.

Patrick positioned the brand for national success after confirming a deal with Macy’s department store. At this stage, Youngblood was ready to make its mainstream market debut by becoming one of the first ever black-owned watch companies to secure distribution with such a large entity.

But YB’s trial by fire wasn’t over yet. The Youngblood trademark was unlawfully poached by a much larger watch brand, eventually sending the case to court. It was the archetypal duel: David vs. Goliath for the modern age. But being no stranger to adversity, Patrick battled on. After a year of court dates, Patrick and Youngblood rose from the ashes. They had won. In Patrick’s mind, there was never any doubt. He knew that if only he persevered, the seemingly impossible would yet again come into his reach.

Youngblood Worldwide

Patrick’s driving ethos and Youngblood’s mission is one in the same;

Commit yourself to achieving the impossible & you become capable of anything


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