Definition YOungBlood

  • 1. savvy, driven & determined.
  • 2. overcomes adversity by any means necessary; the unrelenting drive to win against all odds.

Youngblood Worldwide Founded in 2005

Born from the belief that unbridled passion and determination can bring even the most impossible goals well within reach.

I had an early vision of a brand that could offer apparel and accessory products for savvy shoppers who sought to maximize their value without compromising on quality. When YoungBlood first launched in 2006, I believed that with unrelenting attention-to-detail and a tireless drive, consumers would appreciate the combination of our unmatched value and signature styles.

Today, that ethos is built directly into the fabric and foundation of YB and my mission is to deliver that value. My motivation for YB grew from my humble beginnings. I knew that hard work and perseverance would make it possible to build a brand that consumers love because of our signature styles, quality and pricing.

Early on YB faced adversity in a modern-day David vs. Goliath trademark battle. While it may have been easy to throw in the towel in the face of this extreme adversity, I never quit because I maintained that burning entrepreneurial spirit to beat the odds. We won that legal fight, and YB has blazed forward working rigorously to deliver on its brand promise.

Today I continue working towards bringing you high-end signature styles at savvy prices. I hope you enjoy our entire line of YB products.

Youngblood Worldwide

Patrick’s driving ethos and Youngblood’s mission is one in the same;

Commit yourself to achieving the impossible & you become capable of anything


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