11 Ways To Level Up Your Leadership

11 Ways To Level Up Your Leadership

As a strong leader, you possess qualities such as motivation, determination, intelligence and positive mindset to guide, teach, develop and challenge individuals. You care about others, you are fearless to face challenges, carry a vision to progress and you are hungry for success and growth. However, as a leader, not only do you strive to help and improve others, you also work on yourself to be the best that you can be. What can you do to take your leadership to the next level and ultimately become the best leader that is within you? First of all, it's important to remember that meaningful and true leaders don't only focus on the group; they care about each and every member of the group. So, if you are looking to take your leadership to the next level, you have to consider both the group as a whole and its members. In this article, we will provide some helpful tips on how you can level up your leadership and become a more effective and stronger leader.

Transformational Leader

Have you ever participated in a group activity and notice that there is only one member that takes complete control of the situation and guides the group? This person has a clear vision, passion for the job at hand and the ability to motivate and energize the group to work together. This is a transformational leader. A transformational leader inherits a certain style that inspires positivity, makes changes for the well-being of the group and to accomplish set goals, advance to a higher level of motivation and moral, and makes a big impact on its followers.

How can you become a transformational leader? Here are four factors of transformational leadership:

  1. Encourage and welcome creativity among the group. Encourage others to explore new ways and ideas of doing things as well as new opportunities to learn and grow.
  2. Offer support, encouragement and recognition to the members of the group. Establish open and clear communication to share thoughts and to recognize each member's contribution to the group.
  3. Express a clear vision in order for the members of the group to carry out the same mindset and motivation to reach to the same goals.
  4. As a role model of the group, the members put their trust and faith in you as well as respect you. In return, you respect and trust them, and take into consideration their ideas and value their place in the group.

11 Tips To Become A Better Leader

The following are 11 tips to move you in the right direction on becoming a better, stronger leader:

Leadership Style – Understand your leadership style in order to recognize your strengths and the areas that need improvement. One way to evaluate your skills is to go online and take a leadership style quiz. Use the internet to take a free online quiz about your leadership skills and gather information to help you make a thorough assessment on how you can improve your leadership abilities.

Creativity – Encourage the members of the group to express their creativity. You can offer new challenges with support to achieve goals in order to expand their horizons and fulfill their most potential.

Role Model – Provide a positive influence among the group so that the members will follow similar behaviors and characteristics. Exemplify the qualities that you would like to see among everyone.

Passion – Show that you are truly passionate and motivated about what the group is working on. Express care and concern for the group and the goals that you are working towards.

Listen and Communicate – Provide one-on-one meetings with the members of the group. This shows that you care about and are taking the time to listen to each of them. This will also make group members feel encouraged to contribute their part and to receive recognition for their dedication and work.

Attitude – Be optimistic and energetic. If you are optimistic and energetic, the members of the group will feel optimistic and energetic, and will feel motivated and ready to work.

Encouragement – Encourage group members to play their part, and express ideas and suggestions. This will result in commitment, creative problem-solving and productivity.

Motivation – Motivate team members to play their role in the group. You can do this by expressing your passion about ideas and goals, encourage members to participate and make them feel part of the group, and recognize and reward their accomplishments.

Recognition and Reward – Recognize and reward team members for their hard work, time and dedication. This will make them feel content and appreciated and therefore, will make them want to be a part of the group and work at their very best.

Try New Things – Review the things that have been most effective in the past and find new ways to motivate the group.

Group Relationship – Leadership is not a one-way street; it involves the group. Ask group members for feedback, recommendations and inspiration. Even though you are the leader of the group, you are working together as a group towards the same goals and plans.

By implementing these leadership strategies, you can become the ultimate leader and a great asset to the group. Review, act and preserve your leadership. Ensure that you are thinking about the group and include each member in order to achieve the group's goals.

Can you think of other ways to become a better leader? Don't just think about it, implement it!

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